24. That is my age. Will that alter everything you think of me? When I discuss a topic will you blame my age for my narrow, broad, complicated, simplistic, optimistic, pessimistic, selfish, and self-less view? Probably.

I am here because this seems to be the age where everything falls apart and falls into place all at the same time. This is the age where everyone has an opinion on what your next step should be, regardless of what you say. This is the age where we win some and lose more than you can possibly imagine. This is the age where we blow everything out of proportion and simultaneously believe everything happens for a reason.

I am here because I believe it is important to talk about what “coming of age” really means. 18 is not the age we become adults because 24 is definitely not the age we become adults. I’m not really sure my parents are adults yet. So who is an adult? If you’re out there here is what I hope it means:

You understand that you know nothing

You understand that there is always more to learn.

You understand that you can always be ignorant to something (but that doesn’t mean you should stay that way).

You understand that life is random and beautiful.

You accept change.

You accept yourself.

You accept others.

You are fun.

You are working towards all of the above.

Have I contradicted myself? Probably.

24. That is my age. And I am here.


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